Smart Tips To Clean Oven the Easy way

In the present age, oven is one of the most widely used appliances in the kitchen. The more and more you use it, it may tend to get very dirty with all the occasionally burnt food on the bottom, splattered food on all its sides or parched food stuck in its nook and corners. Some of the ovens have an automatic cleaning function while others don’t.

So, here is a comprehensive tips for cleaning your oven, whether or not, your oven came with the privilege of an automatic cleaning button.

– First, pay attention to the Racks

Cleaning the rack is one of the most important of all tips in oven cleaning. Take out the racks and soak them in solution of dish cleanser for few hours, scrub with a cleaning pad. Rinse and dry using a clean cloth. And if you want to save the cleaning part, you may even consider replacing those rack often, as you desire.

– Use the magic of Baking Soda

Baking Soda plays a vital role in the game of oven cleaning. Mix a cup of baking soda with a few teaspoonful of water. Adjust it accordingly, so that it becomes a fine paste. Coat your oven with this mixture throughout the interiors and the dirtiest nooks and corners. The baking soda might turn into brown as you rub, but it is fine. baking-soda-768950_640Let the mixture to stay overnight or for 12 hours. After the desired time, take a damp cloth and obliterate as much of the mixture as you can.

After that, sprint some vinegar in the insides of the oven just to check the presence of any residual baking soda. If any residual is present, the vinegar will react with the baking soda and starts to foam.

Take another damp microfiber cloth and wipe out the foam. Add more vinegar and water to the cleaning cloth as it will add a dazzling shine to your oven.

– Use salt for drip and odor removal

When the food spumes over in your oven, just don’t watch that happen. It will bake on and cool, adding more work to the pile. Instead, sprinkle some salt on that stuff while it is in the liquid state. When the oven gets cool, you can just easily wipe it off like it is no big deal. Salt also has a property known to neutralize odors. So if you want a refreshing scent, try mixing it up with cinnamon and do the same.

– Use Aluminum Foils

You may consider laying a few sheets of aluminum foil over the rack before you want to bake. It will keep grubby drops off the bottom. This is the smart oven-cleaning tip, as it will prevent the oven getting too dirty. Also take care you spread it on the rack and not the bottom as it initiate fire.

– Use newspapers instead of tissue rolls

Consider using crumpled-up newspapers instead of tissue rolls when it comes to cleaning the ashy residual after an automatic cleaning cycle of your oven. Also, clean the outside of the oven with a glass cleanser that can remove any sort of finger marks and stubborn stains.

Oven cleaning can be very noxious. But with the help of above discussed tips, one can get a dazzling and clean oven!